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The author has been writing since the age of twelve - journals, short stories, essays, poetry and blogs. Much of her writing has a strong emphasis on family and children, and much is written with a sardonic view towards the social and political conventions of our times.

She has a BA in English from the University of Colorado and studied for an MA at Portland State University. In 2002, she published a collection of short stories entitled "Voices".

Check out Sue's blog, McFin Din where she writes about her view of the world - of politics, history, literature, family and opinion.
The Moving Finger Writes, is a compilation of Sue's own writings surrounding the works of some of the most famous voices in the English language. When the Eagle Flies with the Condor and Voices are available now at Amazon.com.

» Read an excerpt from When the Eagle Flies with the Condor or find out more about Sue's writings.
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